Nov 18, 2006

New Challenges, New Goals - Trying To Stay Hungry

I've been AOL for a while now, I've spent the last few months planning to move myself and my family from one City to the next. I strongly believe that each person should try to lead a purposeful life. In order to do that - we have to constanly challenge ourselves to excel in everything we do.

I am making the assumption here, that most of us are doing something meaningful, which positively impacts the lives of others. Afterall - life is much too short.

So, I've recently taken on a new challenge, a new job in a new city - where nobody knows my name....

Recently I came across the text of a speech which Steve Jobs delivered at Stanford recently - the thrust of his message was, Stay hungry - Stay Foolish. If anyone ever reads this posting, I would advice you to read the text of his speech and take it to heart. It was touching - even a little moving - but extremely profound. The reason why a lot of us never realize our true potential is that we're much too easily satisfied. What makes a person who is worth 100 Gazzillion $$'s wake up every morning and push to achieve new goals?

I'm not sure if the Graduating Class at Stanford really understood the true meaning of Steven's words. I know it's taken me a while to appreciate the importance of staying hungry - and even now that I do, it's still difficult to lead a purpose driven life - every single day.

So, while I try to figure out how best to use all the great talents and gifts which God has given me, I'll go on taking on new challenges everyday. I encourage everyone to do the same.