Jul 27, 2009

Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Job

I came across this great piece in Fortune. It's geared towards women, however these insights are useful for every one. I've listed the top 5 tips - below. The full article is available - here

1. Take On Important Assignments
In the aftermath of layoffs, remaining employees are often asked to pick up slack. But don't get stuck doing low-impact work just because you want to seem helpful. Identify projects that will be valuable to your company and management team--and then volunteer yourself. If you are asked to take an assignment that you know will have little impact, mention that you've been thinking about another--more important--assignment and have some ideas ready to share.

2. Initiate
Don't hang low and await instructions. Particularly if your company is looking to trim the fat, being seen as not having enough on your plate is a worst-case scenario. Let your boss know that you recognize that times are tough and are willing to do more work to advance the business. Suggest a skill you have that could augment a certain project. Ask to help or take over a project that you know your boss doesn't have the time to get to. And give updates regularly so that your managers know you're working hard and want extra responsibility.

3. Know Your Company
You need to understand what's deemed valuable in your company and who the key decision-makers are. Revisit the basics of the core business model. Consider what value you're adding, and shift focus if you realize you may not be working to your fullest potential. Having the ability to pinpoint how your work affects the bottom line could save your job.
And identify who's really in charge. Always shine in the company of the "big boss." Even if you're at odds with your immediate manager, make sure the key people know what you're worth.

4. Be Adaptable
Change is never "if" but "when," especially in this economy. Research new technologies that might make the business more efficient, and then learn them. Your new expertise may keep you in demand. And if there's a change in management, roll with the punches. Even if you're not happy about it, the worst thing to do is get caught up in gossip or to seem disgruntled and entitled. Think of a new boss as a new challenge. Prove your worth by doing great work and remaining open-minded.

5. Aim for the Promotion
One of the biggest mistakes women often make is hiding behind a desk, awaiting praise from managers and focusing too intently on turning in perfect work. Smart women know that the goal isn't just to stay employed but rather to continue rising up the ranks and gaining greater responsibility--and perks. Experts agree that now's the time to take risks. When your job is on the line, you want to show your potential. Present yourself as a leader by dressing like an executive, speaking up in meetings, projecting authority with your tone of voice and body language and by thinking two steps ahead.

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Jul 17, 2009

The Best Advice I Ever Got...

Just read a great piece in the fortune - titled "The Best Advice I Ever Got". The piece features comments from some accomplished, famous people. You'll find the article here.

I have many personal "best advice" moments as I'm sure most of us do.

Jul 16, 2009

It's been a while.......

Last year, I accepted a role in the Windows Consumer Marketing Team - driving Business Intelligence for some of our key online assets. I've spent the past few months trying to get my head around the Windows Business - as you would imagine, there's a lot to learn.

A few months ago I also launched a second blog - focused on my passion for Leadership Development. It's been a busy time and I haven't had the bandwidth to do post regular write-ups in the World Changers Journal. I'm hoping that will change in the weeks and months ahead.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer - look forward to reengaging with all you fellow World Changers in the weeks and months ahead.