Jul 25, 2012

I Can Only Improve..........

What will your legacy be, in life? Will people say that you were smart, hardworking, determined, confident, caring? Will they say that you made lots of money and enjoyed the finer things of life.
We all grow up wanting to have an impact on the world. As we get older and our priorities change - we tend to become very risk averse and settle into predictable patterns, afraid to jump out and take on new, "scary" challenges.

I watched a trailer for an upcoming movie last night - about a young boy who seemed to have a great positive impact on everyone around him. One scene from the trailer, really caught my attention. the young man was trying out for a soccer team and clearly hadn't played much soccer. He wasn't doing very well on the pitch - but seemed to remain very good natured about it, laughing, playing and having fun.

at one point, the coach looked over at him and said "why are you laughing" - he's response was, "I can only improve".

That's the attitude we all need to embrace, in every aspect of our lives.

Instead of being scared to take on new challenges, scared of what others will think, scared of failure, scared of how we will be percieved - let's just take the plunge and try new things.

Even if you don't do very well at first, in that new job, that new sport, that subject in school, that new skill that you're trying to develop - if you stick with it, you can only improve.

World Changer.......