Nov 10, 2008

Introducing The Leadership Development Series - (LDS)

In a recent business week article, Jack & Suzy Welch have put forward the notion that - by and large, "change is made by people with some sort of authority. By managers who have a platform to advocate for a new direction and the ability to hire, promote, and reward those who embrace it".

My position is that change agents are often thought leaders, some of whom start out with no authority over others. That said, I understand that people in positions of authority are certainly better positioned to effect change.

So, all self professed "World Changers" will either need to become very adept at impacting and influencing those in authority over us, even as we aspire to be Leaders.

Today, the World Changer Journal will launch a Leadership Development initiative - called the Leadership Development Series (LDS). Each month, I will publish a write up - for the LDS, I’ll also invite a few of my mentors, colleagues and fellow World Changers - participate in this initiative.

I truly believe that all of us have the potential to go from being Individual Contributors, to thought leaders and change agents. Some of us have the ability to be Managers and a handful of us can become great Leaders. If the LDS initiative can help make that transition possible for even one person - then it's well worth the effort.


Nov 4, 2008

I Guess We Can

Much will be written about today - Nov 4th '08. I'm sure most Americans are well aware of the historic nature of Barack Obama's campaign. No doubt, many a case study will be created, based on various aspects of this campaign - even Jack & Suzy Welch are already weighing in on key lessons from Barack's '08 Campaign.

Here's what I know for sure, Hope may not be a plan, but it's certainly a good thing to be hopeful.

I know Barack has redefined American Politics as we know it. He will define a new style of inclusive, consultative leadership. It may take a while, however - I believe that he will bring about much of the change that he promised.

As for those of us who aspire to do great things - to be World Changers, this is your victory...

God Bless You All & May God Guide & Protect - Our New President.