Nov 4, 2008

I Guess We Can

Much will be written about today - Nov 4th '08. I'm sure most Americans are well aware of the historic nature of Barack Obama's campaign. No doubt, many a case study will be created, based on various aspects of this campaign - even Jack & Suzy Welch are already weighing in on key lessons from Barack's '08 Campaign.

Here's what I know for sure, Hope may not be a plan, but it's certainly a good thing to be hopeful.

I know Barack has redefined American Politics as we know it. He will define a new style of inclusive, consultative leadership. It may take a while, however - I believe that he will bring about much of the change that he promised.

As for those of us who aspire to do great things - to be World Changers, this is your victory...

God Bless You All & May God Guide & Protect - Our New President.

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