Jul 20, 2006

It's funny how things work out. Bill G (Gross - not Gates) events the whole revenue model for Search and he's not even a key player in the "Search Wars" - or the crazy paper being generated by the big 3 players.

Don't get me wrong - the $1.6 Billion Yahoo paid Bill for Overture was cool, but then AdWords and AdSense produced $6.1 billion in revenues for Google last year alone - a fact I'm sure Bill knows only too well.

Well it's an exciting time to profile the "Search Wars" - and I'm going to devote much of my blog to this subject over the next few months.

Just take a look at the trend in the Graph above. Clearly - as Search Goes - so does the rest of the online advertising industry. So if Online Media is every going to take a significant share of the $400Billion Global Advertising Market, then Google, Yahoo and MSN are going to need to step up their game even further and grow Global Search Spend. All in all - the future is bright......

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