Aug 17, 2006

Tips On Delivering Fantastic Presenations

Not all of us enjoy public speaking - or delivering presentations to large groups of people. I guess we could all use some tips on how to deliver an exciting, compelling presentation. So here is the World Changers Guide to delivering a powerful presentation.

Take Time To Think About it!
Who is your audience? What's the key message you want to deliver?. You need to spend a little time thinking about what exactly you want to accomplish. Are you trying to sell something, deliver information or propose a new initiative?

Once you understand exactly what you want to accomplish, think about the easiest way to convey your value proposition or value innovation - to your audience. You need to sell your audience - without selling to them!

Prepare, Practice - > Prepare & Practice Some More
As you prepare your material - start to see yourself in mind of your harshest critics. Imagine every negative argument which you may face and prepare a response. Review your entire presentation at least 10 times - extracting key facts. What's the story in each slide? Make sure you have one - and back it p (verbally) with facts and figures. That's where the preparation comes in. The bulk of the information you deliver must come from you directly - your slides or illustrations should serve to create context - and carry your audience along while you Sell your key points.

I Love Cartoons
Why do you think Children Love Cartoons? I think it's because of the colorful characters, interactive themes and visual effects. We all have a little child in us.
Make sure your presentations are colorful, interactive & feature some interesting visual effects. The idea is to keep your audience engaged - whilst delivering your key message.

Remember - the spreadsheets, statistics and background data, can be packaged separately and delivered after the fact. You need to mine your numbers and extract interesting data points which help reinforce your key message

Fire & Desire INXS
You've got to come with it - and I mean no holds barred. You don't have to shout, jump on a table or gesticulate wildly - but let your audience know that this stuff means a lot to you and you're totally sold on its value - to them, to your company, to everyone. Your sheer enthusiasm, must never wane - even in the face of criticism, interruptions or seeming disinterest from your audience. Psyche yourself up to do a great job of presenting your information - and execute your goal.

The Next Level
Nothing impresses people more than a non-confrontational person who can comment intelligently on a wide range of subjects and deliver compelling perspectives in simple terms. When you can cover all the angles - then you're ready for the next level and you're fully equipped to deliver a powerful presentation.

One last thing - if you think this write-up is only useful when you have an important presentation with your superiors, then you've missed the key message here. We all make presentations - every day of our lives.


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