Oct 5, 2006

Search Engine Commentary

Clearly - the key Search Engines are locked in a very competitive battle to acquire new users whilst remaining top of mind to their loyal "searcher" base. That said, Google, Yahoo and MSN (with it's Live Search offering) are adopting very similar approaches as they attempt to differentiate their offerings.
So, every major search engine is working hard to deliver intuitive features and complimentary applications to help improve your Search Experience. It's not just the 3 key players who are creating waves. Have you tried ask.com lately? Perhaps, as some in the blogosphere have said, it's time to reconsider Google.

Certainly, ask has brought more skin to the game - in recent months. When I heard that they were working hard to create their own search engine monetization platform, I wondered if that strategy was a wise one. IAC afterall is hardly a technology company and Barry Diller is no tech guru. Lately though, I'm hearing that Barry is having second thoughts, which is probably a good thing.

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