Nov 4, 2007

What's The Deal With Google Phone?

So, Google now has it's eyes squarely set on shaking up the wireless market through it's own Brand of Innovative Disruption. It's goal is to make applications and services as accesible on cellphonea s thy eare on the internet.
In essense, Google wants to make it easier for cellphone customers to get a variety of extra services on their phone - from maps to social networking features to video sharing. Within a few weeks, Google is expected to announce software and services which would allow handset makers to bring Google powered phones to the market, sometime next year. You can expect all Google powered phones to feature key Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, Video and (from You Tube).

One key element of the Google Phone concept - is the Company's drive to make phones' software open - and available to independent software developers. Windows Mobile OS already gives software developers access to tools which can be used to develop new features and services. Apple Inc recently said it will release similar tools next year which outside developers can leverage in creating new features for its iPhone. Nokia's Ovi is also open to 3rd party applications. So the true value proposition of Google's Innovation - remains to be seen.

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