Feb 5, 2008

Policeman Catches A Baby Thrown From Burning Building Lives

I saw this story earlier on and I felt compelled to post a comment. In LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany - two parents faced an unbearable dilemma. They were trapped in a burning building with their 9-month-old baby girl and were forced to make a split second decision. If they threw her out of the window, would she be caught four stories below? The split-second decision paid off: Onur fell safely into the arms of a policeman below. The parents also survived, although the mother was still in a hospital Tuesday, two days after the blaze that killed nine people, including five children. I lifted this picture from the MSNBC Piece earlier on today – you can make out the parents looking out the window and the baby falling through the air. This truly was an unfortunate incident and hopefully the ongoing investigation will provide more clarity on what exactly happened here.

I’d like to focus on the Policeman who stepped up and caught little Onur. Picture with me, if you will – the circumstances under which this whole thing went down. Screaming Victims, panicked onlookers with thick smoke billowing around them. With the staircase destroyed by flames, adults also jumped for their lives while others formed human ladders to help save people trapped inside, police and rescue workers said. Children from lower floors were handed to rescue workers atop an ambulance. Some who jumped missed rescue nets laid out by police. In the face of all this chaos, a Policeman was called upon to catch a 4-month old child. He probably had no time to think about anything, one can only imagine what was going through his head, as she flew down towards him.

Hopefully, most of us will never have to face a challenge quite like this one. There was absolutely no margin of error here, the officer could easily have been killed whilst trying to save the baby. According to reports from the Police spokesperson, he was injured after he fell to the ground and struck his head. Thankfully, he was treated at a hospital and released. Don’t know anything about this man, but he’s a World Changer in my book, because he stepped up when it counted and saved Onur’s life........

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