Sep 12, 2008

Gates & Seinfeld - II

So, the ads are beginning to roll out - and naturally, everyone has an opinion. Most people think this campaign is Microsoft's response to the famous Mac & PC ads. You've all seen the first - Shoe Shop commercial - the latest ad was released yesterday.

I’ve started an informal poll, asking friends their impressions about the ad. For the most part – people are trying to figure out the core message of these ads – is it about Windows vs. Apple? What’s the deal with the leather shoes? Why Seinfeld, where's the punch line? I'm actively looking for a consistent them between the different ads - I haven't found one yet, but I'm sure it's there .....

It's a little surprising how cynical some folks are about these ads. I’ve read a number of pretty negative posts – on Mary Jo’s blog and a few others. It’s easy to criticize these campaigns, Microsoft is the company that so many people love to hate, and most consumers still trying to understand the core message. However, the ads are getting peoples attention, that's probably a good sign for Microsoft.

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