Mar 29, 2009

President Lula

Zakaria's interview with President Lula, was interesting for many reasons. Hear what Lula says about Obama's inauguration.

President Lula "I told my people, during my inauguration address - I do not have the right to make mistakes, I cannot afford to fail". I believe that God put Obama there for a reason - I told him that he cannot afford to fail."

Undoubtedly, Lula has come a long way since his days as a Machine Operator, in a factory. His comments regarding democracy, socialism and the role of emerging industrialized nations - were insightful and well presented. Undoubtedly, many will disagree with his position on U.S relations with Venezuela & Cuba - as well as the role which emerging nations should play, in global affairs.

Still, it's important to understand different perspectives of World Leaders, especially those from nations like Brazil.

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