Oct 22, 2011

Okay - Groupon's IPO is on, really......

So, looks like Groupon is finally going through with it's IPO offering afterall. According to the Wall Street Journal

"Groupon will in fact be listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol “GRPN,” with shares starting between $16 to $18. The Chicago-based venture has also set a date for Friday, November 4th for its IPO with an updated plan to raise up to $621 billion, meaning the company will be valued at up to $11.4 billion"

Earlier this year, the company had planeed to raise less than $1B, so clearly it's valuation has gone up considerably.

I'm still amazed by it's high valuation, given it's business model and balance sheet. The US Financial markets have been very unstable all year, so there's no telling how it's IPO will land. Should be interesting to see what happens, come early November.

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