Jul 24, 2006

Another week - and more drama from our Search Engine Warlords - first it's Yahoo: Loosing share and $$$ in the process. Last week, Shares of Yahoo hit their lowest point in about 2 years and the delay in "Panama" doesn't help. Looks like Yahoo is worried about the possible impact to their revenue if Panama isn't a slam-dunk initiative, especially with the all important holiday season right around the corner.

That's the key difference between Yahoo and Google. Serg & Larry would launch that baby and call it beta. They'll hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Take feedback and improve it before Christmas. But Yahoo, is a more mature company - with a history of being punished by Wall Street analysts - for not delivering on earnings estimates - so there you have it. A few years from now Google will be a lot more cautious about what type of products they launch and how much "cool stuff" they invest in. That's what a few market downturns would do to a company. Once you take money from Wall Street - the rules of the game change for good - or for bad - just ask Microsoft.

Interestingly - Yahoo is showing strong growth in graphical advertising

While Yahoo, which runs the world’s most popular Internet site, has a booming business selling graphical advertising, it has been struggling to rebuild its search service.

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