Aug 14, 2006

Indra Nooyi - New Pepsi CEO

Okay - time to deviate a little from the Status Quo. Today I read that Indra Nooyi - currently the CFO of Pepsico, will take over from Chairman and CEO Steve Reinemund this October. She becomes the first woman to hold the post and enters the list of leading women in corporate America. "Nooyi was the primary architect of PepsiCo's restructuring, including the divestiture of its restaurants into YUM! Brands (Charts), the spin off and IPO of company-owned bottling operations into Pepsi Bottling Group (Charts), the acquisition of Tropicana and Pepsi's merger with Quaker Oats. Prior to joining Pepsi, Nooyi's other corporate jobs included vice president and director of corporate strategy and planning at Motorola and consultant with Boston Consulting Group.

I'm often drawn into discussions with friends and colleagues - about what it takes to succeed in corporate America and how the odds are often stacked against visible minorities and women. Well, I don't know much about Ms Nooyi, but I dare say - she has shattered some myths today. Clearly she's been doing something right - for a very long time - note the comments of outgoing CEO Steve Reinemund " whilst commenting on the announcement and the fact that Ms Nooyi's current responsibilities will be split once she becomes CEO. He mentioned that - "It has taken two great men to replace one great woman,". I'm very happy about this announcement - and it should give ALL of us food for thought.

Take a bow - Ms Nooyi, you're truly a World Changer


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