Aug 20, 2007

Michael Vick - Cops A Plea

So, the verdict is in - Michael Vick will indeed accept a plea deal. This afternoon, Vick agreed to admit his guilt in a dogfighting and gambling scheme.Billy Martin, Vick's lead attorney, announced Vick's decision as a federal grand jury in Richmond, Va., was preparing additional charges against the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback. Interestingly, he's probably saving himself from some significant Jail time. It would be interesting to find out what additional charges would've have been filed against him, had he not surrendered.

There simply was no escape for Vick - after his former buddies agreed to take a deal and testify against him. This whole thing would be really funny, if it wasn't so sad. I feel like I'm watching an episode of Law & Order. Here's a guy who had it all, God given talent, all the trappings of success and a guaranteed multi million dollar contract. And he throws it all away - just like that.

Some will contend that Vick was unfairly targeted - I really can't find any merit in that argument. Each man must accept responsibility for his actions and his utterances. Life is truly all about the decisions we make. Everyday - we make choices - in our attitudes, our mind sets - everything we do or say, is about the choices we've made at a given time. I wish more of us would make better choices...........

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