Aug 21, 2007

Web Analytics Session @ SES San Jose

Efficient Web Analytics is a constantly changing phenomenon. Matthew Bailey, from Site Logic Marketing - shed some light on this subject during his presentation at SES
San Jose. Below are some of the key points from his session.

-> Make sure your measurement expectations are clearly defined in advance. What do you want out of your website, what do you want your customers to do? You need to questions constantly question yourself, until your key objectives are clearly defined.
-> Segmentation is the key: only by segmenting your traffic do you really start to find out what's going on with your site. Here's the
-> You always need to review and analyze your data in order to either back-up your theories or perhaps, refute them.
-> Ask why - the data is telling you what its saying. What can be done to change the current data trends? Get the why and find out what can be done to address the why. This is the principle of segmentation - only by breaking down and segmenting data can you find out the why? This Analytical thought process provides intelligence and insights which cause or prevent us from hitting out objectives.

I also learnt about the 3 C's of Analytics: Context, Comparison and Contrast.
Context: Numbers without proper context are meaningless - there has to be comparison criteria to help guide the thought process

Comparison: Doing a proper comparison - by specific segments is important. This can be based on established performance benchmarks

Contrast: Monitor Specific Key Performance Indicator trends - notably, time on site, CTR, Engagement, Performance goals and Pages Viewed.

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