Aug 21, 2007

Search Informed Marketing - Comes of age.

Search Informed Marketing - can be defined as, putting search into a marketing package. Essentially, Marketing is about connecting Supply with Demand. Historically - the Marketing Loop consisted of a few key action. Buy ads -> Get distribution -> Sell products -> Make profits -> buy more ads.

The advent of Search Informed Marketing is gradually changing all that. Search query trends can be useful for companies or organizations as they plan how to break out Marketing Spend for their Campaigns. Marketers are now being held to new levels of accountabillity to Business ROIs vs. Media ROIs Search Tools such as Google Trends Live Search Top 1000, can help provide current, almost real time information on what users care about, at any given time. By looking at how the world is searching and what trends are evident, you can get some interesting, real-time information on how the world is feeeling.

Marketing budgets are continuing to shift online as Marketers are realizing that the customer is very much in control. Technology innovation and broadband penetration have helped fuel the growing popularity of the Internet. Search Engines remain the most popular online dstination because of consumers need for relevant and on demand information. A Search Engine's value prop is to put that infomration in front of an engaged, global audience.

As Search Marketing takes centre stage, It's important to consistently integrate offline marketing campaigns with with Online, Search Marketing ones. It's important to start tying TV Marketing / promo services to Search Marketing Campaigns. You can also leverage interest in events and celebrities to support Search Marketing Campaigns - and specific promotional themes. Below are a few tips I picked up from the Session - on Search Engine Marketing

-> feed the need for contral an dcreate comeilling information

-> test your off-line mssageing with paid search advertising

-> close the awareness loop, with search, by monitoring increased demand for new key words. 89% of all consumers making in-store purchazes in the key retainl acategoreies, have condeucted onlin researches.

- > Remeber - keep your message simple. Deliver specific implementation plans.

-> Search Engine Marketers should always strive to talk to the person who stands to profit the most from the gains of a Search Marketing Campaign.

That said, It's still a tough sell, to make Big Brand Advertisers aware that Online advertising - specifically Search, could deliver a stronger ROI than TV or other mediums.

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