May 24, 2008

Apple Computer - Repositioning The Mac vs PC - Through Interactive TV Ads

I recently started to develop an interest in the Apple vs. Microsoft saga, after watching a series of cleverly created Apple ads. (see below). Apple has probably featured over 20 of these TV ads -in strong rotation, over the past year and frankly, I've rarely seen a more effective campaign - from a positioning standpoint.

First, Apple manages to drive start contrasts between it's offering and that of Microsoft - by comparing Macs to PCs, which everyone knows run Windows Software Applications. The Subtle message here is that Apple brings you all the cool stuff, it's safe, secure, youthful and cool. Windows is uptight, Susceptible to viruses, older and doesn't provide nearly the same value proposition for it's users. Generation Xers will get this ad and may be influenced to at least go to an Apple store. Teenagers and Young adults are even more likely to be receptive to this sort of messaging - especially because they already associate the Apple brand with a cool, youthful lifestyle - think iPods, iTunes & iPhone.

Take a moment to watch a few of the ads embedded in the player below - you'll note that each ad attacks drives home the perception that Apples are far superior to PCs - for everyday folks, who want to have fun with their computers. Apple also drives home the message that Macs can run key Windows Software applications - such as Microsoft Office, so users can have the "best of both worlds".

Last quarter, Mac sales blew away all forecasts, grew 51% YoY, more than 3 times the rate for PCs, although Apples base is admittedly much smaller. Clearly, the Macs resurgence is as much about Consumers rejection of PCs as it is about the value proposition which Apple presents. Whether or not all that cool software really merits the premium which each Mac commands, over PCs of comparable functionality - is probably debatable. Over the next few weeks, I will examine the various factors at play between these competitors - and hopefully offer more insight.

Enjoy the ads.......

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