Jun 7, 2008

What would you do if you weren't afraid??

Lately, I've found myself dealing more and more with the concept of fear. Most of us experience fear of some sought on a regular basis. In fact - we can probably identify different types of fear with key stages of our lives. Fear of failure, rejection, missing opportunities, underachievement, new challenges or new environments. The Fear of Change is probably the Mother of all Fears - because often, we characterize change as a departure from our comfort zone - from what is familiar, safe and predictable.

Recently I read Who Moved My Cheese - and I was struck by the simple way in which Dr. Johnson delivered his change message. One may find the book useful, others may think it trivialises the serious impact which change can have on our lives.
Critics of the the book have claimed that it's far too simplistic and doesn't necessarily address the challenges of everyday life. I read this critical review by Ms Coffin - which appears to suggest that the actual content of the book hardly justifies all the attention it has received.
Interestingly - the Author actually commentate that both fans and critics are "right" in their own way.
Having read the book myself - I believe it teaches valuable lessons in a simple straightforward fashion. Certainly - some will find it more useful than others, like most self help material - it's all about the attitude with which one reads the book and Interprets the core message.
For me, the key learning is that when we face opportunities, challenges, periods of change - we should ask ourselves "what we would you do if we weren't afraid"? Perhaps some of us would seek new horizons, leave our comfort zones in search of new challenges - or maybe even commit ourselves to something or someone.
We all go through tough times - and often we feel that no one can fully appreciate the depth of the challenges we face. The appetite for new cheese tends to wane - as we get older and take on more responsibilities. At the very least, this book encourages the reader to anticipate and even embrace change. You may feel that the message is simplistic, but I don't think anyone would argue with it's verity. And in this world of instant gratification in which so many of us indulge ourselves in wants - disguised as needs, I'm okay with investing $20 in a quest to find some new cheese. If you feel the same way - here's some food for thought .......
  • Change Happens
  • Anticipate Change
  • Monitor Change
  • Adapt To Change Quickly
  • Enjoy Change

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