Jun 7, 2008

TV Advertising - Is Evolving

I recently blogged about the series of competitive - comparison TV ads which Apple has been running lately. After going back and reviewing some of those ads - I was struck by the innovative way in which Apple is able to get several key messages across to users - using a consistent theme. These days - various advertising mediums have to aggressively compete for "eyeballs". None more aggressively than TV, which has seen it's ratings and share of ad sales decline rapidly, in recent years.

I'm impressed with the way Apple constantly finds creative ways to communicate the core value proposition of it's products - directly to consumers. (see iphone, itunes, & my personal favourite).

UPS is another company that's actively trying to reach consumers & small business owners through it's UPS Whiteboard Campaign. After suffering through the stodgy old "Brown" Campaign - I find the whiteboard approach refreshing. If you haven't seen these ads - please click the play button below.

Not everyone likes these ads - however I think they're cleverly done. The UPS Brand Message is reinforced and I can clearly understand the value prop of the companies core service - in 35 Seconds. Interestingly, these whiteboard ads have sparked plenty of

Moreover, it has sparked an avalanche of video spoofs on You Tube, some of them are pretty unflattering. That said, I think the positives of this ad, far out weigh the negatives. The company has found a way to create a series of interactive "dialogue ads" - which speak directly to the needs of it's core customer base.

Not so sure about these SAP ads though, I haven't quite figured them out yet.

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