Jun 14, 2008

World Changers

Some have asked me what I mean by World Changer. I guess to some it may seem like an arrogant or self serving title for a Blog. Truth is, anyone can be a World Changer. All it takes is a commitment to lead a purpose driven life and a desire to change and affect people’s lives - for the better. I happen to believe that - we all have the capacity to change and affect the lives of others, simply by the way we lead our own lives.

Not all of us will have the same level of influence as a John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Indira Ghandi or Oprah, that's not what this is about though. You can inspire, encourage or motivate one person who then goes on to do the same for thousands, even millions of others. Individual opinions expressed in this blog may not be meaningful to all readers - that's okay. Some will find value in our subjective commentary, and if that inspires dialogue or a different way of thinking -that's a good thing. The flow of positive feedback from readers is so encouraging that I've decided to expand the scope and coverage of the Journal.

In the months ahead, I intend to expand this forum to accommodate a larger group of World Changers. Soon, this Journal will start accepting write-ups from a handful of International World Changers from all around the world. Ultimately our scope will expand - and that's probably a good thing.

So, the "WorldChanger" is a state of mind. We all have the capacity make a difference, if we choose to do so. Peace….

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