Sep 18, 2008

I'm a PC Breaks New Ground In TV/Internet Advertising

The "I'm a PC" campaign, which launched earlier on today, is one of the smartest examples of cross channel advertising that I've seen. First, it cleverly flips the Apple campaign, ultimately leveraging the success of the Mac vs. PC ads, by embracing the "I'm a PC theme.

So, viewers instantly recognize the punchline.

Second - it has such a wide variety of characters that it's sure to appeal to a wide audience. I've always believed it's smart marketing to identify a your brand with different types of people from all works of life. That's something that most Globally successful brands, do effortlessly.

Third and probably most important - the viral element of the campaign. Ton's of Internet "experts" have raved about the popularity of social networking forums and the impact that facebook, youtube and myspace are having on our online habits.

There's no question that thousands of people will upload "I'm a PC" video's to the site, thousands more will share those videos with others. So, there's no question in my mind that this campaign will get plenty of attention.

It remains to be seen whether or not Microsoft will follow-up with more ads or whether Apple will retaliate with a flip of their own. Either way, Microsoft and Crispin - deserve some credit for coming up with a creative campaign......

Now I'm off to watch "I'm a PC", make it's way up the Google Trends. Last I checked, it jumped from #87 to #72 on Google Trends

09/18: 11.55pm PST.

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