Feb 7, 2009

Dr. Ben Carson

Tonight – I watched the TNT Movie - “Gifted Hands”. It’s the story of Dr. Ben Carson, one of the most gifted Pediatric Neurosurgeons the world has ever seen. I feel truly blessed to have watched this movie – and I’d recommend it to any aspiring World Changer. Here’s what I learnt from Dr. Carson.

His Mother taught him the value of reading at an early age, by challenging him to read 2 books each week, and write a report. Reading books is one thing - writing a report or some sought of of review helps ensure that the key learning's stick.

When Ben was an adolescent – he was plagued by a very violent temper. One afternoon at school,a colleague attempted to bully him, Ben was enraged and actually stabbed the individual. Fortunately, he caught a break – the blade broke. That day, he prayed to God to help him gain control of his temper – the rest is history.

God Answers Prayers…

When Ben arrived at Yale, he was consumed with self-doubt. He was able to pull through – by drawing on his strengths and the self-belief that his mother had constantly instilled in him, from a very young age. Words are powerful – we need to continually nurture strength of spirit, inspire ourselves and others.

Shortly after he started at John’s Hopkins – the nurse on duty mistook him for an orderly and not a new intern. Undoubtedly he must have faced a great deal of provocation – but he never let it get to him. He stayed upbeat and focused and allowed his work to speak for itself.

Dr. Carson was and remains a remarkably introspective person, with a strong sense of self belief. Like Barack – he’s proven that it’s possible to be confident, self assured and very driven – without being arrogant, derogatory or overbearing.

I hope to learn more about Dr.Carson in the months ahead – he has written 3 books and over 100 journals – so there’s much to learn.

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